Things I’ve Tried Lately that I’ve Heard People Talking About

I’ve tried a few new things lately and I would like to share with you my thoughts and opinions about each of them. Let’s get to it.

  1. Cauliflower Rice

Everyone has been talking about Cauliflower Rice. I tried this out of curiosity because I’ve been trying to mix things up in the kitchen, but I don’t like cauliflower and I don’t like rice, so not sure why I thought combining them would be a good situation.

I thought it would taste like fried hash browns. You know the greasy ones from breakfast diners? No one told me this but they look like hash browns and that was what I was expecting.  I guess I have no one to blame for my disappointment but myself.

Cauliflower Rice tastes like little chunks of cauliflower. That’s it. I had it with turkey burgers and sweet potato fries and mixed and matched the food, but overall, it tasted like baby chunks of a mediocre vegetable.

I suppose you could use it as a base in a burrito bowl or in a dish that had a lot of other flavors to add some substance…but I’m not sold. I will try it another way and see if that changes anything.

    2. Making my bed

For 27 years of my life, I made my bed 6 times a year. Someone was coming to the house, I was sent to clean my room, etc. I truly could not handle the fact that it would just get destroyed in a matter of hours.

In my single life, I slept like a stage 5 hurricane in twists and turns and rolls and waves and winds. There was no point in organizing the sheets and blankets because I preferred a mangled mess.

Come to find out, my husband prefers the old – fashioned sheet, blanket, comforter order of business. By the morning, it still looked like a mess, but at least it started prim and proper.

Anyways, a week ago, I decided to start making the bed. I don’t know why. I just thought…what if I start doing this every day? All these motivational people say you should.

So I started making the bed.

Throw pillows and everything.

And every night, I take the pillows off, one by one, and stack them in the corner like some kind of domestic dream.

It makes it much easier for my husband to arrange the sheets at night, and I DO feel a sense of accomplishment post bed-making. I find that once I’ve made the bed, I tend to also just quick sweep the floor and wipe down the counters while I’m at it.

I feel proud of the house and feel like I’m taking care of it. Also, I’ve had quite a few impromptu house-tours lately, so having it already made takes the stress off. Who am I these days? I mean, not to brag but I have a garden and I’ve been making my bed.

     3. Not dieting

Throughout much of my teen and adult life, I feel as if I was always either on a diet, or eating to excess. One or the other. I’ve struggled with body image and eating issues for years. But the past month or so, I decided I wasn’t going to diet and continue to feed the patterns I had created for so long. I had read a bit about intuitive eating, and while I don’t know much about it, the general idea is listening to your body’s cues. No “good foods” or “bad foods” and trying to go against the diet culture. I have a lot to learn on it but I have made a lot of baby steps…like I made pasta for dinner last week. Usually I wouldn’t dream of such a carb heavy dinner, but spaghetti and meatballs sounded good so spaghetti and meatballs is what we had. It was delish.

And guess what has happened so far?


All systems still a go.

On top of this, I have been doing workouts that I enjoy and feel good…not simply to burn a certain number of calories. Another big win.

This is an issue that goes far deeper than just a bullet point on a blog post, however I am pleased in the strides that I am making for emotional health towards food.

4. Diffusing Oils in my House

I love smells. I love it when my house smells good. It also takes the stank of the cauliflower rice away. I am a newbie and definitely not a full blown “oil person” but have been loving having the diffuser going daily.

So now I leave you with these questions:

1.Do you have a way to make cauliflower rice taste like fried diner hash browns?

2. Do you think there is a relationship between made beds and clean houses?

3. Any intuitive eating resources?

4. Good smelling oil recipes?





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  1. Sue Alphenaar Schwabauer says:

    MAJOR Intuitive eating resourse;
    It has awesome people and resources!!! Great seeing you recently!!


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