If God is Good Now

24 days ago I got married. As we left the reception, Max and I buzzed through Starbucks and I got a free iced coffee because I was in my wedding dress. I'm not above pulling this stunt again. 17 days ago I moved into the house that Max and I bought together. It's small and … Continue reading If God is Good Now

The Old Has Gone

  On rare occasion I get into the type of mood that can only be described as the "Perfect Storm." I am overly caffeinated and faced with a large chunk of time to myself (which is why this is so rare) , when suddenly it's like all the clutter around me becomes unbearable. All at once, … Continue reading The Old Has Gone

What God Does in the Discomfort

Patience and perseverance are not two of my strongest qualities. Unlike some of the Olympian greats, I prefer not to work hard, push through tough circumstances or wait extended periods of time to arrive at what I want. I prefer instant results with the least amount of work and discomfort possible. (Someone write this on an inspirational poster.) Max … Continue reading What God Does in the Discomfort

How Replacing One Word Changed So Much

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend said to me, "I feel like you're just anxious about being anxious right now..." And I replied, "Welcome to my brain. Please stay awhile." When I told him that I would love to try out his logical, structured, factual engineer brain for a day, he responded, "Does that mean I … Continue reading How Replacing One Word Changed So Much

My Summer Break Acceptance Speech

Greetings to all who read this. I am used to having an audience of about 27 little humans, so being here on stage to accept this award does not faze me in the slightest. When you have asked  students to tell you if you have chocolate on your face or not, it takes a lot to feel … Continue reading My Summer Break Acceptance Speech

One Year Later: When You Don’t Look Back Anymore

A year ago, I spent many of my lunch breaks in one of my closest friend's classroom sobbing to her, wondering how I was going to make it through the day. I remember being crumpled on the floor of my little one bedroom apartment, begging God to let me have my way. To give me … Continue reading One Year Later: When You Don’t Look Back Anymore

10 Things We Can All Agree On in a Time of So Much Arguing

Online arguments are the bane of all human existence. They are also like a train wreck; no matter how much you know you should look away, sometimes you just can't stop reading long comment threads of people fighting and debating and laying their dignity on the line. To my knowledge, approximately zero people have changed … Continue reading 10 Things We Can All Agree On in a Time of So Much Arguing

Faith like Hope: I’m not there right now

I love to write sentences that make everything sound a little more beautiful (some call this exaggeration, I call it wordplay), but words can only do so much when you have things to say that just aren't pretty. Buckle up for some raw Jenna. It's been a roller coaster couple of weeks in the area of my faith. … Continue reading Faith like Hope: I’m not there right now

No Matter Where You Are On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's 2009: Went to Pizza Hut on a double date, saw "He's Just Not that into you" and promptly broke off the relationship the next day (got back together 5 days later) Valentine's 2010: Young and in love- Went to a banquet where no dancing was allowed so we just took pictures   *As I … Continue reading No Matter Where You Are On Valentine’s Day

Heart on My Name Tag

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. I wear my heart in bold on a name tag. I am certain no one has ever looked at me and said, "I just wonder what she's thinking." They already know. Sometimes I forget the  proper social order of things and announce how I feel before even … Continue reading Heart on My Name Tag