Little Happy Moments


Summer so far has had some significantly wonderful moments and life events.

Among the best are an anniversary trip to Disney World, my sister moving here, a gorgeous week in Maine, meeting new family members and more.  As incredible as those memories are, this post is not about those. This summer has been full of big moments, but even more full of  little happy, every day moments. Big moments are the ones marked in our calendars in red ink- the ones we look forward to with excitement and look back on with fondness. But the little moments are often the ones we forget if we don’t take the time to write them out or talk about them. I don’t want to forget the littles moments we’ve had so far this summer, so I thought I would share a few with you here:

  1. Shish-Kabobs

We are on week 3 of steak shish-kabobs. Is there anything more summer than a colorful, grilled skewer of veggies and meat? Every bite tastes like heaven. I prepare and cut and marinate and then Max grills and blackens and rotates. I use the phrase “favorite food” often but I am hard-pressed to come up with something more delicious than Steak kabobs.

IMG_1793 (1).jpg
Feast your eyes upon summer.


    2. Walking and Swinging

My parents bought us a porch swing for Christmas and we finally put it together this summer. I love to swing. The back deck is my favorite place. The wood needs staining and the grass around it is parched and yellow, but it’s a little slice of heaven. Max and I swing until one of us is motion sick. As I type this, the cool breeze of an upcoming storm blows through my hair as I rock back and forth in the swing waiting for Max to come home to grill the kabobs. Paradise.

Maybe I wouldn’t get motion sickness if I was sitting up.

Another little tradition we have started is going for post-dinner walks. We turn into Home & Garden snobs as we critique every house we pass and say how the shutters should contrast the brick better or how we don’t know how we feel about a corner lot or  how the driveway is the perfect length for shoveling  less snow.

Walking and Swinging. Happy little moments.

3  Wearing Hats

I have a plus size head and unless hats are adjustable, they do not fit me. Cute fedoras and floppy beach hats will never be a reality for me. Even the adjustable hats don’t fit me quite right as my head is just too wide. Add to that a lioness mane of hair and I look like I am wearing a toddler cap. But this summer, I threw all care to the wind and now I wear hats. So what.  I don’t have to do my hair and when I pair them with sunglasses, I feel like I’m a celebrity disguising myself so that is a fun twist.

Being brave wearing a hat

4. The Jeep

Max has a Jeep and we love it. We can take the top off and it messes up your hair and it’s loud and amazing. We realized a few weeks ago we had barely used it this summer. We use my car most of the time because it gets twice the gas mileage.

No more, we said. Life is short and so are Michigan summers, so we have upped the amount of time spent in the Jeep and it is so much fun.

Ice Cream in the Jeep at the beach!


5. Substantial Kitchen Victories

I beamed with pride last week as I was making meat loaf. The recipe called for tomato sauce, which is the one thing I didn’t think of at the store when I was making sure we had everything we needed. Suddenly, I had a distant memory of stocking up on a few tomato sauces last time I made meat loaf for occasions just as this.

This was a big moment for me because I became someone who has extra common ingredients in her pantry.

6. Dabbling in Home Improvement

For one year, we did nothing to our house. Inspired by an overnight visit from one of my best college friend who is a design expert, I began doing small, simple updates to our house. We started with a little gardening. We got a few hydrangea (bushes?) and planted them, some other random flowers and planted them with a real shovel and I water them every day even though the directions say only 2 times a week. That’s how good of a gardener I am. I check on them all the time and worry about them when a storm is in the forecast. This is who I am now. A tomato-sauce storing gardener.

Before I used a real garden shovel to dig holes and plant them into the ground!


Then, with the help of my design bff, we picked a door color, and with the help of my sister, got some cute new plants for the porch (clearly I need a lot of support). Every day my husband comes home from work, there is something different done to the house. He is probably ready for me to go back to work.

I have been to Home Depot more times in the last week than I had in 5 years. I have the bug and there is no cure except more projects.

Sleeping in, slow mornings with coffee and my Bible: little happy moments.

The big moments were amazing, don’t get me wrong, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to have a lot of “big moments” this summer, create all the little ones you can. They are beautiful.

Other little moments:

Playing Checkers at Cracker Barrel (what Max wanted for his birthday)
Sunsets at the beach.







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