Creative Juice Shortage

Lately I have been running low on creative juices. I am beginning to think my usual ‘fresh and overflowing with crazy ideas’ brain has taken a bit of a summer vacation, as well. It is not for lack of exciting things happening in my life- yesterday I successfully moved a couch out of my apartment almost on my own, I am into Season 5 of Parks and Rec, I have read approx 7 books in a month, I am down to less than a cup of coffee a day and I am soon going to try to spray paint things for the first time! I told you, exciting stuff happening. Clearly the riveting adventure in my life is not the reason I don’t have blogging ideas.

Usually ideas come to me as I am driving along, singing both parts of a Rhianna duet (totally exhausting) and they will just hit me in the face. These are mostly weird and impractical ideas/concepts, and I will send them off to twitter (the diary for my thoughts) and wait for the universe to react, but lately the ideas just haven’t been coming. Back in the day, ideas were pouring out of my brain:

1. Singles parks- if you are single you go to a singles park
2. Absorbent Receipts – clean up messes that spill in your car
3. Puppy Renting – rent puppies by the hour for therapy
4. Texting God
5. Calorie Free Poptarts
6. Emotional Support Groups for when your Netflix show ends

(just 6 examples of many ; contact me if you want more elaborate descriptions of these ideas)

Much of the time, I think in rhymes and patterns and rhythm, but lately, I have just been thinking in boring-old, un-rhyming words and normal people thoughts. What fun is that?

So I gave up on trying to be witty and hilarious and decided to just be. I can’t force creativity to go from my brain to the keyboard, and every time I would sit down to write, I just got more and more frustrated. It wasn’t until this morning, spending some time reading the Bible that I knew what my next post was going to be.

I have been thinking a little too much lately. God gave us incredible, intricate minds to question and analyze and challenge, but I also think it is a dangerous game to let the pursuit of knowledge and full understanding overshadow the giant significance of faith. There are just some things I can’t and won’t ever understand, but yet I still have faith and I still cling to hope like an anchor for my soul.

Today I got smacked in the face with an idea. It wasn’t an idea that made me laugh out loud or tweet my life-changing thoughts to 250 people. It was from the Bible…so I suppose those life-changing ideas have a much bigger audience than my twitter followers. Anyways, I was reading in 1 Peter this morning and stumbled across this :

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those that speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.” vs. 3:15

What is the answer for my hope? What are the reasons I choose to behave and act in the ways I do…which are nowhere near perfect yet seem so alien and foreign to that of the culture I am in. That will be my next post. The reason for my hope. I think God wants to take me on a journey and that He had to clear out all the material floating around in my brain before I could really listen to Him.

So hang tight, it might be a few days…or months…until I can sort this out and bring to you what I know God wants all of us to do, give you a reason for my hope. And until then, maybe start thinking about yours?

Blessings not chins,



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  1. Amanda says:

    I love the idea of emotional support groups for after a finale season or even a book when you are just not ready for it to end. Puppy renting, come on over! Sometimes grateful for those left over papers in the center console to absorb those caffeine spills in the car. Happy blogging to you coming back. I love reading your writing.


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