Tips For Sharing Your Faith (Part 2)

A few months ago, I shared a post about how sharing the Gospel was an area of struggle for me. Through that struggle and many mistakes along the way, I have learned a few simple steps that have made the process easier and less stressful.  Because it IS the most joyous news in the world…why should it be stressful?!

Overall this summer, I have not felt like I have done many of these exceptionally well, so perhaps the timing is just right so I can reset and reflect on some of my own points written a few months ago to get priorities back on track and the focus back on Jesus.

Tips for Sharing your faith:

1.Walk and Talk in humility

Learn a lesson from 3rd grade Jenna (read about her there) Share your faith in LOVE.

the glasses made me evil.

We can share confidently without being condemning or demeaning. We can speak boldly about our faith without arrogance or pride.

I’ve done a lot of comment lurking, and have seen approximately zero religious conversions based on your snarky retorts.

I think if Christians in our society learned to walk HUMBLY in love, the view our culture has of us would change immensely.

Before the comment on Facebook, before the snark and judgment: a quick humility check could change everything for our reputation as believers. The ONLY reason we are able to believe and receive this grace is because God first reached His hand out to us. It has nothing to do with anything we have done and everything to do with the one who has already done it all.

I am fully aware that to the unbeliever, what I am saying sounds pretty much crazy. In full transparency, there are times it sounds pretty crazy to me, too. But I know too much and I have experienced it so deeply that I could never walk away from the grace and mercy that have been extended to me.

Also, sometimes the best testimony is a life well-lived for Jesus. There are times to share with our words, but we can ALWAYS share with our lives!

2. Remember you are not responsible for the response

In addition to being humble, our job is to share the news of what Jesus has done and our job is not to change hearts.

While talking about Jesus once, a non-believer told me it was like we were talking about the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. That was actually an INCREDIBLY insightful conversation to me as I took on the point of view of an atheist, and try to do that often.

My job was not to change that person’s mind. My job is to be obedient in sharing what He has done for me and leave God to the rest. It might feel like a personal rejection, but that is never what it is: it is always a rejection of God Himself.

What a weight this lifts from us as believers. He aren’t commanded to go change hearts. We don’t have that power. We are told to be obedient in sharing the news of Christ.

3.   Let actions testify

While the verse in Romans really emphasizes the need for others to HEAR the Gospel, I know that the power of the believer’s actions are huge.

Quite honestly, it is easier for me to bless others with sacrificial serving than it is to speak the truth of the Gospel.  I’ve done things to help others after feeling the prompting of the Spirit that would make my mom’s anxiety skyrocket.

There have been times where I have obeyed the Lord that, yes, put myself at risk. While I don’t think God wants us to throw all common-sense to the wind, I think there are times we are to take leaps of faith in our actions.

However for me, it is much easier to do “good deeds” then it is to share openly about my faith in Jesus. Actions are huge, but my goal is to not hide behind them as a way to avoid sharing the Gospel with my words.

4. Keep it simple and personal

Speaking of what Jesus has done for me personally is usually where I feel most comfortable starting. I don’t ever want to pretend to know what someone else has been through or what God could do for them or save them from.

What I can do is share where I was and where I am now. I can speak of the transformation that has happened in me that has been slow and sloppy; the process of sanctification. A transformation that goes FAR beyond simply “growing up” or maturing, but goes deep down into my soul.

5. PRAY continuously for unbelievers and opportunities to share (and to have discernment for those times)

I am SO far from being an expert at sharing the Gospel. It terrifies me. I hate the idea of offending someone, hurting someone, or in full disclosure, looking stupid. But sharing is only part of the battle. The other part is done on our knees in prayer. I heard on the radio last week a pastor speaking about our prayer lives. He asked “If God were to answer one big sweeping YES to all of our prayers over the last week, how many new people would be in the kingdom?”

Ouch. For me, that number would have been zero. Maybe one.

BUT, if we truly believe that Jesus is the ONLY way, how can we NOT share it?

Carry on with the Good News! Be the Light of the World! Let’s be humble, loving, servant-minded TRUTH BRINGERS!





7 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily Gahafer says:

    Perfectly perfect words. ♡☆♡


    1. jennakay says:

      thank you so much for reading! ❤


  2. Anna B. says:

    Some of the best, most genuine, and most steadfast Christians I honestly know are those who don’t talk or preach at all, but who show their faith through genuinely living it; those who only tell or share if you ask them to, and who- if you do ask- don’t share to preach or convert, but simply to answer your request; those who let their actions in their every day life speak louder than their words, and live with true but quiet conviction.

    The Gospel is beautiful, the Christian faith is beautiful, and Jesus was a pretty rad guy we could all learn a thing or two from regardless of our religious orientations… And yes, the Bible emphasizes speaking. But it also places conditions on that speech- and sometimes the fact of the matter is that the true beauty lies in the simplicity of silence itself.


    1. jennakay says:

      Absolutely! Beautifully said! Both have their place but a life lived for Christ is such an incredible witness. The majority of my “sharing” or “witnessing” is weaved throughout my life and relationships with people and I think you are totally spot on in how powerful that is. My tendency, however, is to shrink back when someone asks a pointed or direct question or a clear, Spirit given opportunity presents itself, because it is vulnerable and scary. We are called in 1st Peter to always be prepared with an answer for our hope in Christ, so for those times we do need to share, we are ready with words to go along with our actions. Thank you for your thoughts and for reading! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anna B. says:

        Being vulnerable is always hard ❤ Keep working at it. I'm sure you'll find comfort in it eventually


  3. Kalie Thompson says:

    As always, absolutely adore you! This seriously felt like it was coming straight from my heart- thank you for sharing your writing! Keep posting this in a million places, more people need to see it! 🙂


    1. jennakay says:

      Kalie, I really needed this today! thank you. thank you for reading and for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment ❤


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