Embracing the Lame in 2018

Once in awhile, I lament the fact that my life is pretty, well, lame.

The life I lead is wonderful, but it is predictable: full of early bedtimes, chain restaurants and mostly staying home on the weekends.

Last night was New Year’s Eve, so this morning I woke up and was reminded of just how lame I really was. A pair of my friends drove down to Chicago, clanked “cheers” at a crowded midnight concert, and then hopped on an early morning plane for the West Coast.

On Facebook, I saw an old college friend and her ‘Murder Mystery’ party pictures. Idk why, but to me those parties and ‘Roaring 20’s’ parties are the epitome of cool. (I’ve never been invited to one.)

Other people went to football games and VIP events or brought in the New Year with a lavishly glittered house with those cute balloon letters.

With Max lying next to me, I asked him sheepishly, obviously knowing the answer: “What did we do last night to celebrate New Year’s?”

Max sighed and reminded me we went to Applebee’s at 10:00 for Half price appetizers, got home and waited for the clock to say 12:00 and then went to sleep.

Even our waiter at Applebees, Chad, had big plans after his shift. Chad, if you’re reading this, I hope you guys had fun. We ended up just going home like we said.

I told Max about all the fun things my friends that went to Chicago did. Max responded “You hate concerts and hate staying up late. How does that sound appealing to you?”

And he is right. Hate is a strong word. But if someone needed a way to torture me, drag me to an all-night concert.

I never got into the “downtown night scene.” I have occasionally been forced into it, and almost always bailed by 11:30. It’s cold, I refuse to drop $20 on a drink when all I want is coffee, and I just want to be in bed. I was always the sober, tired one that carried her giant winter coat around with her while everyone else wore mini dresses.

I am kind of lame. I am 27 and while all of the activities my much cooler friends participated in were amazing, all I want to do is eat half priced buffalo wings and get to bed on time.

*This is not a Sponsored post for Applebee’s, BUT if I would be sponsored by anyone it would be them. I love chain restaurants, specifically Applebee’s, because they are predictable. They are the same no matter where you go. If anyone from corporate Applebee’s is reading this, feel free to contact me.

Anyways, at the start of 2018, I don’t have any giant resolutions to be more exciting. I am not going to say I will be more adventurous and spontaneous and free-spirited in 2018, because, simply, I’d rather not.

Sure, I will have moments of adventure and travel and excitement, but to be honest, my daily, predictable life has enough excitement of its own. Just a different kind of excitement. I am constantly making friends while grocery shopping or interpreting for strangers at Old Navy who are trying to find a different size pant.

So in 2018, I am going to embrace the lame. I will run with my early bedtimes, chain restaurants and predictability. It works for me, it works for my husband and I am always well rested. I also like to think it prepares us for parenthood (well, maybe not the well-rested part), and also for old age.

Hope you had an amazing New Year’s, whatever you did ❤











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  1. Kristi says:

    This is me in a nutshell! I hate being in a crowded bar or concert and have to remind myself of that when I have FOMO. We watched Count of Monte Cristo and ate ice cream last night and bought a new washer and dryer today to prepare for the baby. 🙂


  2. Bee says:

    Hey girl I am 10 years older okay 11 years older than you and that is exactly what I did. I saw all my friends on instagram and celebrities having a blast, but really all me and my fiancee wanted to do was sleep…So don’t feel bad…”predictable” can be a good thing.


    1. jennakay says:

      I love it! I am so glad I am in good company!! haha!


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