Just a Few Things: Saving Addresses, Redefining Exercise, and Tea

Let’s jump right into it! Here are just a few things on my mind lately:

  1. Addresses – A few months ago one of my friends needed my address and when she texted me for it, she jokingly apologized, calling our generation, “the generation that always asks each other for addresses.” And now, every time I ask someone for their address, which is often, I think of that. I remember vividly the silver contact book my parents kept my entire childhood. It was in alphabetical order with the phone number and address of every person we would ever need to know. If they moved, it was scribbled out messily in ball point pen and written above or below or beside it. It wasn’t pretty, but my parents had every address they could ever need.

In contrast, I have lived my adult life refusing to save anyone’s address and then just texting them every 4 months when I am sending them something or need them for a reference or need to give directions to someone. Each time I think, “This will be the time I save it!” And then I don’t.

So recently, as I was getting together our Christmas cards, I updated a giant spreadsheet of addresses and contact information. Of course, most people probably just do this in their phone, but I chose have it in one place. I actually just opened our wedding invitation spreadsheet and modified it. I changed the title, deleted addresses I knew were outdated, added names of people we have grown close to since then, and then THIS TIME, when I texted or reached out for an address from someone, I actually entered it. I now feel incredibly put together and I can send true surprise mail!

2. Redefining Exercise

Before I start, I should say that the definition of exercise has never changed, so really this is just me agreeing with what exercise was meant for all along. My relationship with both my body and exercise is very complex, even more so after having Mila. This one needs to be a much bigger post than a small blurb here, but a change I have done lately is redefining what I call “working out.” For most of my life, if I was not burning 500 calories, dripping in sweat and sobbing (kidding, kind of) it wasn’t even a workout. Since having Mila and struggling to find time or energy to work out, I have realized that moving my body does not have to be physical and psychological torture. This is not a new phenomenon for most, but it is for me. I am currently on an awesome “Movement Streak.” I have moved my body intentionally, in some way, for at least 15 minutes a day, without missing one, for many many days. My movement is usually between 20-30 minutes a day, but the minimum is 15. Some of those days were walks, some lifting weights, some High intensity training and some runs. But all of them were movement, all of them were good for me, and all of them “count.” My body is different now postpartum. It has settled and found its place at a weight I’m not comfortable with, but working out hasn’t really changed it and it doesn’t seem like it well, unless I decide to really go on a restrictive diet (which I am not willing to do). So, I have this question for myself: “If moving my body isn’t going to change my weight, will I still do it?” And that answer has been yes lately and it has been awesome. Back when Mila was younger and barely giving me 40 minute naps, walks were my sanity. She was content in the stroller, I put in a Podcast or a sermon, and it was “me time.” She is a little less content now that she wants to get out and walk, but I can usually snack cup her or get a good 20 minutes in. I call it movement, and I do it every day. This is nothing earth shattering, but if you would have told me 10 years ago I “counted” a walk as a workout, I would have never believed you. Whatever I am able to do that do, I do. Sometimes I am dripping in sweat, sometimes I am freezing cold on a brisk walk with Mila in the stroller, but I always feel good after, which I am learning to appreciate even when the weight doesn’t come off. Whereas it used to be an all – or – nothing mentality, now, if I can only get 20 minutes of movement in while a toddler is climbing on me and I am pausing 4 times, that’s good enough. Like I said, there are many, many layers to this that I plan to expand on soon. But for now, I am loving my new relationship with movement and the mental benefits it brings!

Most walks involve me setting her free before or after to keep her content. She owns these streets!

3. Tea

I have always loved the idea of tea. I think people that drink tea are THE coolest, but I almost always end up with a hot cup of disappointment. As the weather has turned, I have been experimenting with teas that I enjoy and am turning myself into a person that drinks tea. I have been drinking it pretty frequently. (This is obviously not replacing coffee. This is when I just feel like I need something cozy to sip on while playing dolls with Mila or it would be an inappropriate 4th cup of coffee). I love Cinnamon, and Harney and Sons makes an incredible “Hot Cinnamon sunset, but it is intense and caffeinated so it’s not a wind down tea. I have also tried “Glazed lemon loaf” by Tazo, and at first was upset because I was literally expecting it to taste like Starbucks Glazed Lemon Loaf…like the cake with frosting and everything. So when I realized that maybe my expectations were the issue, I enjoyed it more. I like Black tea, Glazed Lemon Loaf, Bengal Spice, Chai tea, Peppermint tea, and all Cinnamon tea. Berry tea is upsetting and ginger tea is disgusting because it reminds me of being nauseous while pregnant and trying to feel better. I am trying to enjoy healthy tea but honestly it’s pretty disgusting to me. (Turmeric, Green….etc. I’m not in those leagues yet). I am more a dessert tea girl.

My current view as I write!

Do you have an address management system, a favorite non-torturous way to move your body or the best tea flavor ever?



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