Jesus For Breakfast

Most everything about me is complex, except how I take my carbs.

The simpler the carbohydrate, the higher the pleasure.

It is a directly proportional relationship. As the carbs get more complex, like a sweet potato or a lentil, my attitude, overall mood, and level of satisfaction drops steadily.

Hit me with a piece of white buttered bread, a warm apple fritter or a store-bought cupcake, and see me be the best version of myself.

Snack food may be the only area of my life I would describe as simple. I love snacks.

A few weeks ago, all of humanity was talking about the super moon. In all honesty, I was comfortable on the couch, so when Max asked if I wanted to go outside and look at  it for a minute, I agreed  but was less than enthused. I would have been fine googling it.

As we pulled on our shoes and headed outside, I grabbed a bag of Kettle cooked chips from the a cabinet.

We walked down the midsize driveway and we stood under the moon and I crunched on Salt and Vinegar crips. We were out there for approx 2 minutes. There is no occasion too short to bring snacks.

It is obvious I love food by the amount I feed myself.

A few weeks ago during a lecture at Bible study, our speaker asked how many of us go a day without eating or drinking.

Like most in the room, I couldn’t think of a time I didn’t eat at least a small amount of food and drink. In fact, I rarely even allow myself to get hungry. I feel the teasing of a stomach pang coming an hour in advance and grab a piece of string cheese or a full size donut to hold me over until my next meal.

If I can help it, I don’t even let myself get mildly hungry, let alone go a day without eating.

My body needs sustenance for energy and to work properly. I depend on food to fuel me to complete the job before me each day. Food gives me the ability to perform physically, a clear mind to be actively engaged in relationships and be an overall pleasant person.

When I am not fed, I am a dark type of evil.

Our speaker brought us back to the Bread of Life. She brought us back to the only means of full satisfaction on this planet.

Jesus is the absolute only thing that can satisfy our soul.

So why do I starve myself?

Why do I go days and weeks without feeding on the Word of God and saturating my mind with Holy words.

To saturate means to satisfy fully, to treat, furnish, or charge with something to the point where no more can be absorbed, dissolved, or retained. #MerriamWebster (It’s 2016, do hashtags count as citations?)

So often my soul is hungry, longing for a source of satisfaction and peace, yet I negate to turn to the one thing that can feed and replenish my very being: the Bible.

John 6:35 Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

Jesus refers to the action of eating His body and drinking His blood again in that chapter, and while that mental picture can at first be incredibly disturbing, we all know Jesus was not meaning it in this literal way.

A fellow believer in my Bible study group had the most amazing word picture for the metaphor of eating His flesh.

She reminded us that eating is an action; we cannot become full and satisfied by simply looking at a delicious dinner. We must put forth the effort to actually eat the food. That is the only way we will become full. We can stare at the food. We can talk about the food.  We can prepare the food, but unless we eat the food, we are not satisfied.

There have been many times in my life where I turned to other things in attempt to satisfy my soul.





My job.

My appearance.

And maybe momentarily, I was satisfied. Things of this earth do have the ability to satisfy for moments in time, but never at a soul level.  As soon as they seem to fill me up, I found myself on empty, chasing the next thing that would fill my stomach temporarily.

What an exhausting cycle. It left me hungry.

What an amazing reminder from our speaker that day that we do not have to starve.

What if I approached the Bread of God the way I approached my physical eating?

I barely even allow myself to feel hunger pangs, let alone the feelings of starvation.

What if I was so proactive about feeding my mind, heart and soul with His word, that I never even got to the point of feeling empty? How much richer and fuller would life be?

He alone can satisfy, so why do I continue hitting the arrow on the Netflix queue as if that will somehow relieve my stress at a soul level?

The past 3 mornings, I have woken up and put my face into the Word of God.

I have grabbed my coffee, *spilled my coffee ,* climbed back into my cozy bed and opened my Bible. Nothing crazy or extensive, just a chapter or two, but just from ten minutes of morning food, I have found that it has shaped the way I think, behave and even the topics of my conversations during the day.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I do find that when I eat a big breakfast, I yearn for food more and more throughout the day. My metabolism gets roaring and I imagine the endless possibilities of food I could potentially eat that day.

Reading my Bible in the morning has gotten my metabolism going.

I want more during the day. I’m hungry but not in the empty way- in the way that I long for more knowledge and more of the food that satisfied me in such an authentic manner.

It takes a lot longer than 3 days to form a habit. I have many more morning of coffee and Jesus before I can claim this is my “thing.”

I always loved the idea of spending time in the Word before work and before my day, but never put it into motion. Now that I am publicly announcing my intention, I am hoping to be held accountable by all of you.

I don’t want to go another day of my life without eating. Without the Bread of Life.

Jesus for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.





Ps. Bread is a carb.




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  1. Jenni says:

    I absolutely love your writing and reflections!


    1. jennakay says:

      Thank you so much, Jenni! That means a lot to me 🙂


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