My Friday Afternoon Acceptance Speech

Getting to a Friday afternoon after a 5 day workweek is an accomplishment I do not take lightly.

Some of you might chuckle at the phrase “5 day workweek” like it isn’t a real achievement. “Most people work at LEAST 5 days a week! Put on your big girl pants and stop whining!” Those people who scoff have never taught full time in an elementary school during the first full week back after breaks and snow days.

The first ‘5 day week back’ is one that separates the strong and the weak.

One that sends most over the edge, and many contemplating new careers.

Therefore, seeing as though I survived, I have some things to say. As I sit here, at 4:51 pm in pajama pants and Twizzlers in hand, I would like to take some time to honor and recognize the things and people that have gotten me to where I am right now.

First and foremost I would like to thank coffee. You might gasp and shriek that Jesus should come first and I have just blasphemed. But Jesus made coffee and Jesus sees all things, and he saw the moments I LITERALLY almost lost it (using this word correctly. I LITERALLY almost went crazy at some points during the week) and he knows that in those moments, when a child is telling me he accidentally drooled all over the table and his paper, that taking a sip of coffee is the only way to keep my composure. I turn to prayer in some situations, in others, I turn to coffee. Me and God have it worked out. Don’t worry about my soul.

Allow me to get specific on all things related to coffee: Thank you to the Starbucks barista who made me a new coffee for me after I dropped one all over myself outside. Thank you to my school secretary for being ON POINT with coffee preparation this week. Thank you to my coffee pot that is ready for me at the exact same moment every morning. Thank you to the Tuesday afternoon coffee date with a friend that reminded me there was a CHANCE I could make it to Friday. Thank you to the Snickerdoodle Coffee creamer I recently purchased at Meijer. Any other coffee things I left out, you know what you mean to me.

Thank you, in all serious to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you for listening to my real problems, seeing me on my hands and knees in prayer in some moments, and for sustaining me on your strength this week. Thank you for your Word that was fuel for me at many points this week. Thank you for the grace you instilled in me when I thought there was not a single drop of patience left. Also, thank you for the little answers to prayer. Thank you that I didn’t pee my pants (I actually, legitimately prayed this morning at 11am that I would be able to hold it until 11:30) when I felt as if the whole world was against me.

Thank you to my parents for not getting mad that the only time I call them is when I am driving somewhere and have 10 quick minutes to blurt out everything that is happening in my life and then hang up.

Thank you to my friends who kept me relatively sane through texts of encouragement. Thank you for not getting mad that although I asked you to run with me a few minutes ago, now that you have answered I have changed my mind and will not be running anymore. I am sorry you missed your 2 minute window and try again next time to answer quicker.

Thank you to the *many* colleagues who didn’t ask questions when I asked a panicked “Do you have any candy for me????” and allowed me to go to their secret stashes and indulge.

Thank you to Netflix for winding me down at night and giving me the illusion that I have a social life in a secret world with Rory Gilmore.

Thank you to some students for making me laugh with authentic, innocent questions such as, “Do you sweat coffee?” and “Did you forget your makeup today?”

I cannot say thank you enough to all of the people and things that have brought me to where I am today, Friday. It’s been a long time coming, and I could not have done it alone.

Enjoy your weekend



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