If God is Good Now

24 days ago I got married. As we left the reception, Max and I buzzed through Starbucks and I got a free iced coffee because I was in my wedding dress. I'm not above pulling this stunt again. 17 days ago I moved into the house that Max and I bought together. It's small and … Continue reading If God is Good Now

The Old Has Gone

  On rare occasion I get into the type of mood that can only be described as the "Perfect Storm." I am overly caffeinated and faced with a large chunk of time to myself (which is why this is so rare) , when suddenly it's like all the clutter around me becomes unbearable. All at once, … Continue reading The Old Has Gone

What God Does in the Discomfort

Patience and perseverance are not two of my strongest qualities. Unlike some of the Olympian greats, I prefer not to work hard, push through tough circumstances or wait extended periods of time to arrive at what I want. I prefer instant results with the least amount of work and discomfort possible. (Someone write this on an inspirational poster.) Max … Continue reading What God Does in the Discomfort

Dear Fellow Women: 10 Times I’m Not Judging You

"Don't judge me." I say it. My friends say  it. Strangers jokingly say it to each other in passing  (at least I did this week to an elderly gentlemen as he caught me opening a bag of chips in the grocery store parking lot). Although I am sure this isn't just a "women's issue," I do find it … Continue reading Dear Fellow Women: 10 Times I’m Not Judging You