The Old Has Gone

  On rare occasion I get into the type of mood that can only be described as the "Perfect Storm." I am overly caffeinated and faced with a large chunk of time to myself (which is why this is so rare) , when suddenly it's like all the clutter around me becomes unbearable. All at once, … Continue reading The Old Has Gone

How to Support Someone Who is Hurting

I can be a bit of a handful. I was talking to one of my guy friends from college on the phone a few weeks ago, catching up and swapping stories about life (he told me if he ever makes my blog, he wanted me to use the alternate name "Crosby*" for him. *name has been changed to … Continue reading How to Support Someone Who is Hurting

No Matter Where You Are On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's 2009: Went to Pizza Hut on a double date, saw "He's Just Not that into you" and promptly broke off the relationship the next day (got back together 5 days later) Valentine's 2010: Young and in love- Went to a banquet where no dancing was allowed so we just took pictures   *As I … Continue reading No Matter Where You Are On Valentine’s Day

Heart on My Name Tag

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. I wear my heart in bold on a name tag. I am certain no one has ever looked at me and said, "I just wonder what she's thinking." They already know. Sometimes I forget the  proper social order of things and announce how I feel before even … Continue reading Heart on My Name Tag

Third Wheel Diaries

I have mastered the art of third wheeling. I am in this weird, happy, content stage in my life where I am not actively looking for a relationship and just truly enjoying this part of the journey. I say "weird" because that is weird for me and something I don't think anyone thought would ever … Continue reading Third Wheel Diaries