The Old Has Gone

  On rare occasion I get into the type of mood that can only be described as the "Perfect Storm." I am overly caffeinated and faced with a large chunk of time to myself (which is why this is so rare) , when suddenly it's like all the clutter around me becomes unbearable. All at once, … Continue reading The Old Has Gone

How Replacing One Word Changed So Much

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend said to me, "I feel like you're just anxious about being anxious right now..." And I replied, "Welcome to my brain. Please stay awhile." When I told him that I would love to try out his logical, structured, factual engineer brain for a day, he responded, "Does that mean I … Continue reading How Replacing One Word Changed So Much

Life As a Dreamer

If I were filthy rich, I would employ a carefully selected therapist to be sitting by my bedside every single morning so that I could have a counseling session the moment I woke up. She (it would have to be a girl because I feel like a male psychologist letting himself into my apartment every … Continue reading Life As a Dreamer