About Jenna

For a long time, I was obsessed with having a double chin. After a long night of eating half priced appetizers at Applebees, I would wake up the next morning and literally feel the skin under my chin and count the rolls.

Until one night, I giggled at the fact that I was actually counting my chins and stressing over the roundness of my face. A healthy, in shape person who spent too much of her time worried about such an insignificant detail.

What if I started counting my blessings instead of those chins?

Thus, the blog was born. My journey to stop focusing on my weight slowly morphed into a passion to write, entertain, teach and connect.

And now, I’m a “blogger.”

Everyone says that successful blogs should be focused. A specialized voice about something specific. Style. Fashion. Hair. Teaching. Faith. Snack Food. A blog that hones in on one thing.

But that’s not me at all.

I’m a 6th year teacher and a 21st year writer (Mom says I was writing narratives at age 4). I write about teaching and faith and relationships and life. I don’t really follow any of the rules of “good bloggers” but maybe you’ll decide to stick around anyways.

Connecting with people is my favorite part of writing. Hearing from strangers (safe and non-threatening strangers) is the best. I love sharing stories about life, love and teaching- so find me and say hi 🙂

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Here are some more places to find me:

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I would be nothing without the grace of God, my amazing family and ever-supportive, always willing to put me in my place, friends.


Blessings, not chins.






19 thoughts on “About Jenna

  1. Hi, I thought it would be weird for me to read a bunch of your posts, like them, and them leave without saying something, so this is me saying something…I think your blog is great! I think your voice in each post is refreshing and is something not many bloggers can do. And I think you are hilarious. Seriously found myself sitting here laughing hoping I wouldn’t wake up the house. So thank you for providing me with some laughs as well as some things that made me think. Also, don’t be weirded out if I come back and read more of your old posts haha.

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    1. Hey Paul 🙂 thank you so much for stopping by and for the comment. It seriously made my day…(but I have only been awake 30 minutes so you don’t have much competition so far). And please do check out the old stuff but Jenna of 2013 was extra weird so do me a favor and let me know if i need to do some editing 😂 lol. Thanks again for the encouragement! I am excited to start getting more connected into blog life- right now most of my readers come through my Facebook and I really want to get connected with more bloggers. Thanks again Paul 🙂

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  2. You’re welcome! Glad I made your (first 30 minutes) day! Haha trust me, I cringe sometimes too when I think of my old blog posts from a few years ago. But I’ll let you know if you should edit a bunch of stuff! Yeah the blogger community on here is pretty cool. I didn’t really start embracing it until this year and now I have a group of bloggers from all over the world where we just pick up a conversation with each other on each other’s posts and it’s like a friendship. Then there are some bloggers who have crossed over to instagram, or Facebook, or twitter, or email, and we exchange messages with each other on a regular basis – something I never thought I’d do when I started blogging. It’s pretty amazing. This comment is getting too long. Anyways, I hope you don’t mind I followed you on twitter but your post about old tweets won me over lol

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    1. This makes me so excited to start diving into the blogger community. I am a teacher so my free time is usually just laying lifeless and exhausted on my couch, but I am committed to start reading and connecting with other bloggers this year. I have had this blog for about a year and a half, but haven’t put much effort into “putting it out there.” And I am thrilled you found my twitter…I don’t see you on my notifications but when I find yours I am totally following you!

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      1. Oh man, I worked at camp for four years (which isn’t the same as teaching, I know) but the kid would make me exhausted. All I’d do is come home, eat, and sleep.
        Ah, must be because my account is set to private. One second..


  3. I hear ya, Girl! I’m a French teacher and I think I’m more anxious about going back in January than I am in February. I also like my coffee light. I can’t wait to read the rest of your blog.


  4. Not had time to read many of your blogs. I am high school Math and still awake the night before we go back. It’s almost like the first day all over again. After 28.5 years you’d think I’d be over it. Actually the fact that you have big feet let me know we have a special bond… I’m an 11W and sometimes 12. No One gets it.


    1. NO ONE gets it! The options for us big footed women are a joke! People just don’t understand! Thanks for the giggle tonight, and best of luck tomorrow…try to get some sleep…it’s not looking good for me! lol


  5. Hi , Jenna ! Glad I found your blog. I first read some of your posts and looking forward to read more. You know what I’m not a dancer either. In fact, I cannot dance at all. 🙂 I like your simple, personal touch in your posts. Cheers!


    1. Oh girl, I bet if you saw my dance moves, you would think you were a good dancer compared to me! ha! Thank you for your post and thanks for stopping by and reading 🙂


  6. Hey Jenna,

    Could you tell me more about the cheese scale you have in your classroom? I think it would be a fun idea to try!


  7. LOVE your 11 Reasons. Plan on sharing with my staff this week during Teacher Appreciation Week. If you like weirdness, you should check out my principal’s videos on YouTube. His name is Gerry Brooks and he is the ultimate in weirdness. However, we do have a great time at our school and we take very good care of each other. I tell parents all the time our school is full of grace. It is an amazing place.


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