What I’ve Done on My 6 Snow Days

Chances are, you have seen about two thousands screenshots of an unfortunate weather situation from someone on your Facebook feed. You may, like me, currently be in the midst of an unfortunate weather situation. Windchill, snow drifts, icy roads, shovels, explosions in the energy plant- it’s been a weird week.

I found myself with 6 unexpected days off of work to do this “Polar Vortex” and I thought I would share with you how I have spent some of that time off:

  1. Talking and Speculating about the Snow Days

The most pressing activity of the last few days off of work has been talking about being off work. Countless group texts with other teachers, participating in a variety of Social Media platforms discussing the situation, and most importantly, speculating.

By noon on each snow day, I was in talks of speculation with anyone who would listen about whether or not we would have the following day off. It was hard, exhausting work.

Discussing the condition of the roads, checking the forecast for more talking points and staying informed on the speculations of others – it kept me very busy.

   2. Looking disgusting 

No, like for real. My 4 year old nephew FaceTimed me and I answered and he asked my sister “Who is that?”

I didn’t put an ounce of makeup on from Sunday-Thursday. My hair was a nest and I wore a gray sweat suit daily.

  3. Thinking about the Productive Things I Could Do

I did the occasional productive thing: I organized a cabinet and closet. Cleaned a little. But mostly I just thought about the things I could and maybe should do on my 6 unexpected days off. Again, pretty tiring.

4. Telling my husband I was bored

Not only has my husband worked all week and shoveled the driveway what feels like a thousand times, he has also had another part to full time job of responded to a MUCH higher volume of text messages from me.

His real job is running machines that make Rear-View mirrors, but this week his other job was answering when he was coming home and then when he did come home, playing games with me like “Categories” where we go back and forth listing as many fruits as we can and whoever runs out first loses.

Some of our categories from this week are:

Fruits & Veggies, Chain Restaurants, Bones in the Body, Cities in Michigan, Cities in Indiana, Types of Cars, Flowers, and Sports.

5. Baking and Cooking a little

Brownies and Pulled Pork. Banana Bread, Taco Boats, At home Pizzas.

Maybe next time we should spread the Pesto a little better.

6. Texting people about whether it’s good enough out to leave the house

From the inside of my house, I would text friends to see if they had ventured out and then ask for a detailed report on if I should try to leave. They would do the same to me and we would give unqualified advice since neither of us really knew.



7. Trying to Like Tea

This needs to be a whole post. I want to like tea SO bad. I LOVED the idea of being snowed in on a freezing cold day enjoying a steaming cup of tranquility.

On one of the few adventures out into the world, I bought a new kind of tea and had the HIGHEST hopes. Like 99% of tea, it was a let down.


A delicious coffee creation I made. Not surprisingly delicious. I’ll never betray you again, coffee. 

8. Going to Chili’s

My husband and I go to either Chili’s or On the Border weekly, so the storm was not going to stop us. But we did wait until the roads were clear…and by clear I mean plowed yet still sheets of snow packed ice.

9. Being Cold

It has been a cold week, if you haven’t noticed.

10. Online Shopping

Mostly beauty products.

11. Checking Gift Card Balances of cards that have been in my purse for two years

Also the 4 separate Coffee frequency cards…I am going to try to combine the points and see if I get a free one yet.

12. Planning Spring Break

What better time to plan a tropical vacation than when its -18 degrees outside?


It’s been a strange week.

I am so happy that our administration took this storm seriously and gave us the time off for our safety and I am forever indebted to the people who didn’t have a choice but to work this entire week…those sacrifices are so appreciated. Those who plowed and shoveled and drove and served in the Medical field and the poor pizza guy who got stuck in a driveway in my neighborhood this week. I DID NOT order it and if that was you, do better.

As for me, you can see that I stayed very busy and used the time productively.


I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are! Think Spring ❤




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