My Top 10 Snacks of 2018

I’ve never felt more qualified to share as I do while presenting my top 10 Snacks  of 2018.

This prestigious list comes after a full year of snacking, discussing snack food, and experimenting with combinations of snacks. I do feel it is important that you know why you will not find anything sweet on this list. The reason is not because I don’t like sweets, but if I were to include them, they would be the entire list. I had to exclude all sweet/dessert food, or make a list that was comprised of my top 80 desserts.

Let’s be honest, any sort of chocolate beats anything on my snack list, but I had to keep it fair and consistent.

Here, in no order, are my top 10 snacks of 2018:

  1. Pickle Logs : I owe this one to my friend Sami. One day, I was watching her toddler and I was helping myself to the contents of her fridge. I opened up this giant container and inside held Pickle Logs.  They are pickles wrapped in lunchmeat with a shmear of cream cheese. Honey/Brown sugar ham is the best because it complements the saltiness of the pickle and the creaminess of the cheese.
  2. PB & J Tortilla Roll ups: A flour tortilla, (FLOUR) with peanut butter and jelly rolled up like a burrito. Heaven.
  3. Wheat Thins and Grapes : Not separately, although both are delicious separately, it is the combination of the two that makes my Top 10 List. You eat a Wheat Thin and a Grape at the same time. Absolutely delicious.
  4. Black Bean Hummus: this healthy little guy snuck right up on me. I overdid the regular hummus and couldn’t eat it anymore and needed a healthyish lunch addition. Black Bean hummus is sweet and spicy and delicious with carrots, cucumbers or any carb.
  5. Greek Vanilla Yogurt and Peanut Butter : This tastes like cheesecake. (Granted it has been awhile since I have had real cheesecake so maybe I’m not remembering it right). Swirl a tablespoon (or 6) of PB into a bowl of Vanilla yogurt and swirl. You can dip Grahams in it, eat it plain or spread it on toast. The opportunities are endless.
  6. Potato Chips and Ketchup : I’m not proud of this one. Dip potato chips in ketchup when you’re craving a french fry and you just might be surprised.
  7. Texas Caviar – this almost doesn’t qualify as a snack because a snack should not require tons of prep work .However make a big batch of this and you’re set for snacks for a week. This isn’t the recipe I used but if you don’t know what TC is…go here. Texas Caviar (. Also, I could have an entire post on “My favorite thing to dip Tortilla Chips Into” and talk about guac and salsa for days)
  8. Dill Veggie Dip : Not regular veggie dip. Dill. It’s delicious. Put it on crackers, sandwiches, vegetables. Eat it with a spoon. I went through a SERIOUS Dill Veggie dip phase this year.
  9. Pub Cheese/Cheese Ball : Cheese could also have it’s own Post. You know what I’m talking about. The bright orange Shuler’s cheese and even the stuff that tries to resemble it. This has been a top contender my whole life.
  10. Dry Cereal: There is nothing quite as satisfying as toting an entire box of cereal around the house with you and shoving fistfuls of cereal into your mouth as you go from room to room. It honestly doesn’t matter the cereal. It’s about the experience. Max loves climbing into bed and finding my old Raisin Bran crumbs!


This is clearly not a comprehensible list. There are not enough hours in this day to write to you about all the different snacks I enjoyed this year. I also have been researching Frozen Yogurt places for many years in order to bring you my final recommendation of the best Fro Yo place in the nation. Research is still being collected and I am open to accepting sponsorships. But until then, I hope you are inspired to mix up your snack routine and try something from my list. Let me know what you think!






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  1. Aunt Heidi says:

    Gotta try the Dill pickles shmeared in cream cheese and wrapped in lunch meat. Is there a name brand that makes these as pre-made to save me the labor?


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