Annoying Positivity: 4 Reasons This Will Be the Best School Year

The summer has been good to me: I got married, tried a Jamocha shake from Arby’s, starting using coupons, moved into our new house, saw Wonder Woman, got to travel around Michigan, learned to make healthy french toast, FaceTimed with my nephew while he held the phone, and also had the best cinnamon roll of my entire life.

wedding pic 1


Thank you Darts Donuts of Grand Rapids. Ill never be the same.
Breakfast for dinner = happy husband.
He hung up on me 3 seconds after this picture was taken.

This is not a goodbye to summer, because there are weeks, at least for me, that remain until I need to get into “school mode.”

However, the calendar says August and the empty bins of Crayola crayons at Target tell me that I at least need to start inching my way to accepting the upcoming school year.

So this post is the first of many that will start to coax me, and us into accepting and looking forward to the first day. You don’t have to be there now; I’m not. Acceptance is a process.

My goal this year is to be annoyingly positive. If anyone is going to say anything bad about me this year it better be that I smile too much or am too chipper. On that note, I have already decided that Year 6 of teaching is going to be the best school year ever, and these are the reasons why:

Reason 1 : It is not an election year

There are a lot of things I don’t like to do. Unload the dishwasher, go to the dentist, but right up there with them is shutting down a political argument between two 8 year olds.


Granted, I would not say that all is rosy in the political realm; I understand there is a bit of a situation going on, however I am choosing to be positive in saying “at least it’s not an election year.” At least kids aren’t going to be arguing with each other about who will win the election and then chant that candidate’s name outside the recess doors.

It can’t be that bad, right?

Reason 2 : I learned how to make cold brew .

I’m married now and I’m learning the cold, hard truth about budgeting. I recently learned how much it costs to put braces on children’s teeth, so I really should start saving my coffee money.

In the spirit of financial responsibility, I learned how to make my own cold brew at home and it changed everything.

If you are a coffee person, (aka a normal person) play around with a  recipe that you are excited about and perfect it for the upcoming school year. If you’re not a coffee person, find something little you can learn/add to your life to make it a little better. A quick overnight oat breakfast recipe or an energy bar granola concoction. I don’t know; I am just saying words. This isn’t a cooking blog.

Reason 3 : Small organizational goals

Yes, this has been a goal every single year, but typically I set the bar way too high for myself. This year I am setting realistic goals for myself. Next summer when I am cleaning out my desk, I am NOT going to find socks, a can of soup, glow sticks and important renewal paperwork in my drawer together. I am going to write an entire post about this soon: ‘The Disorganized Person’s Guide to Organization Goals’ but for now I will keep you in suspense.

If you are already an organized person, try setting another type of small, realistic goal. Like learning to make your own Cold Brew coffee.

Reason 4 : I’m going to bat for Mondays.

Let’s not get into this now because this is also coming in another post, but this year I am determined to change the world’s attitude about Mondays and make us appreciate, celebrate and even look forward to them! If we don’t dread Mondays, that’s basically half the battle right?

When there is SO MUCH negativity everywhere, sometimes all you can do is combat it with positivity. Teaching morale might be down, legislation changing all the time, behavior problems right and left: but I am going to sip on that homemade cold brew and roll with it people!

Tell me a reason it is going to be the best school year ever!


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  1. Haley says:

    Well you got me all kinds of excited for school! And I won’t even be starting this coming semester! I loved this, thanks for the positivity❤️❤️


    1. jennakay says:

      Yay! When will you be starting? Good luck ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haley says:

        I have a baby on the way now so probably after that excitement is over! Best of luck to you this semester 😊


  2. Aren’t you already super positive? How can you be any more? Also, you kind of buried the headline with the “I got married this summer”. Congrats on getting married!


    1. jennakay says:

      I try to be positive but I would not call me an overly positive person! ha! My emotions hit every end of the spectrum in a given day. And thank you!! Yes, I just like to drop random life news bombs nonchalantly. Makes me feel very cool! lol


      1. If I had any lifebombs I would try to drop them like that too. Good luck with being positive for the school year. Exciting stuff!


  3. Kimberly says:

    Year 33 – This will be the best year ever b/c I received some training and have done much research to implement a completely new reading/language arts program! I was not happy with our new basal reading program or my teaching of it. I have no idea why I’m taking this on with only three more years until retirement, especially because the program is the complete antithesis of my teaching style. But when I’m not feeling anxious and overwhelmed, I just know that this could be exactly what my students (and I) need. Wish me luck.


    1. jennakay says:

      Wow! That is one HUGE undertaking. I feel very set in my ways after 5 years of teaching, so KUDOS to you for taking this on. I would love to hear how it goes with the kids. I hope it goes amazing! We are implementing new math AND reading program pilots in our district…I teach Spanish though so I am kind of in my own world!


  4. Great post! Getting back to school can be a real pain! I’ve heard of a concept called Me-Time-Mondays whereby you either plan something fun to do, or something related to self-care each Monday evening to get your week off on the right foot! Totally agree though, we need to get off of the Monday Club band wagon and start to appreciate each and every day; even Mondays!


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