Things over Christmas

It has been a wonderful, relaxing week home with my family for the holidays. Christmas came and went in a bit of a blur, but something about being around the people who know you best makes you feel alive again.

At the beginning of my time home, Mom was pretty committed to making a viral parody video. She couldn’t stop talking about how our family could make one and “take it to viral” but the adrenaline of this slowed down after the second day and we didn’t hear another word of it again.

My bed at home is the world’s most uncomfortable bed, and apparently I complained enough over the week that by the last night, my dad changed the mattress with the comfier bed downstairs #diva

I gained approximately 27 pounds over the past 5 days, and got to the point of eating until self loathing. I vowed to make a change. Stay tuned.

My parents also became honorary coffee baristas. My mom and dad got each other the same present (kind of cute) and each got a brand new french press. Dad practiced the night before and made a darn good cup of coffee. Apparently we are coffee snobs now.

I was able to spend time with my favorite red-headed goddess, Tay. Besides my family, she is the one who knows me best in this world and being around her is good for my soul. She and I have the kind of friendship where she can feel out my mood and emotional state just by feeling my aura for five minutes. We are kindred spirits. We did a little wedding planning, took some pics together and enjoyed our time. I love her.

I am looking forward to the New Year. Most of my posts are very formal, focused topics and one of my goals this year is to just start posting about life. It doesn’t have to be exhilarating or completely fascinating, because sometimes my life isn’t either of those things. Sometimes it is boring and dull and kind of crappy, but I think documenting that part of life is beautiful too.

I am heading back to Grand Rapids in the morning, and enjoyed my week at “home” with my crazy fam.

Blessings, not chins,





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